People who have been forced to leave their own country and are unable to return for fear of being persecuted because of their religion, race, or political background are allowed to live in the UK after the authorities find their claims to be credible. Preparing asylum claims is one of the most challenging areas that We frequently deal with in the UK. In certain circumstances, a person’s life may not be in danger, but they still want to live in the UK so that they are able to protect their basic human rights. We can examine your case and help you obtain the right to stay in the UK until they are able to return home.

Asylum Claims in UK – Get Early Advice

Asylum law is especially complicated which is why getting good legal advice is critical to the success of your case. This means finding an experienced solicitor who is able to provide the necessary evidence needed to support your claim for an asylum in the UK.

What Your Asylum Claim Solicitor Needs to Know

  • Your circumstances.
  • The reason why you had to leave your country.
  • Why you are afraid to return to your country.
  • If any documents were given to you to fill.
  • How and when did you arrive in the UK, and when did you leave your home country.
  • If you have provided UK Visas and Immigration with any documents.

How We Can Help You

  • Apply for your release if you have been detained.
  • Find any other information that you might have to clarify your claims.
  • Offer you crucial advice on the strength of your asylum case.
  • Help you write your formal statement.
  • Help you make an appointment so that you can make an asylum claim.
  • Assist you in preparing your claim, and represent you during your appeal.

Claiming Asylum

In order to be recognized as a refugee, you will need to first show that you are being persecuted in your country of origin because of your ethnicity, religion, or political background, or if you are a member of a particular social group. Applying for an asylum means that you will be getting permission to stay in the UK on the grounds of protecting your human rights. But, this is only possible if you are able to provide evidence that you are facing or going to face inhumane treatment or punishment in your home country if you return. Your solicitor will be able to tell you whether you can claim for asylum on grounds of humanitarian protection or another category of protection which will allow you to stay in the UK.

Asylum seekers can be considered as an ‘unaccompanied minor’ if:

  • They are under 18.
  • They do not have an adult guardian to care for them in the UK.
  • If they appear to be under age and with no proper documentation.

Interview and Screening

A person is required to apply for asylum as soon as possible. This can be either at an airport or seaport where they arrive. For those who have already arrived in the UK, this usually means applying to the Asylum Screening Unit which is located at Croydon. This will be followed by a screening interview where a UK Visas and Immigration official will ask you about your personal details and how you arrived in the UK. During this time, your photograph and fingerprints will also be taken and you will be given an application registration card which is proof that you have applied for asylum.

Asylum Interview

During the interview, the person who has applied for asylum is required to show a valid passport or some other form of identification such as a valid ID card. Many people who seek asylum in the UK do not have with them the proper documentation in which case they must meet with us to get advice on moving forward.

During the Asylum interview, the person seeking asylum is required to submit as much information about their claim as possible, including any medical reports or other reports. This interview is going to be the most important part of the asylum claim process which is why you will need an experienced solicitor to guide you every step of the way. Although, the solicitor seldom accompanies the asylum seeker during the interview, you should however ask for the interview to be recorded so that it can be studied later on if your application is not accepted by the UK Visas and Immigration.


A rejected asylum claim can be appealed against. Since this is only acceptable within a very limited timeframe, asylum seekers are advised to contact their solicitors immediately so that they can work on the appeal. In certain circumstances, an asylum seeker whose claim has been rejected can only make an appeal from outside the UK, which is why you will need an experienced solicitor to guide you through the process. Your solicitor can also guide you regarding free legal aid which is known as ‘Controlled Legal Representation.’

Fast Track Asylum Claim

If your asylum claim is considered to be straightforward by the UK Visas and Immigration, your case may go through a fast track scheme so that your claim can be accepted quickly. Your solicitor can advise you on whether or not you qualify for the fast track asylum program.

Possible Detention

It is possible for an asylum seeker to be detained at any stage of the asylum claim. But, the UK Visas and Immigration will have to give you a reason. In case you have been detained by the UK Visas and Immigration you should contact us immediately and ask to apply for your release. More often than not, an asylum seeker is tagged rather than detained. This means that your movements are being tracked electronically. Being tagged also means having to visit a reporting centre on a daily basis.

Applying for Asylum Support

Those who are unable to support themselves can also apply for asylum support at the UK Visas and Immigration, which was previously known as the National Asylum Support Service or NASS support. This entitles you to temporary housing. You can also be given cash support, or be sent to another part of the country to be housed. Your solicitor can explain what you are entitled to while seeking asylum.

Asylum Claim Rejected

The UK Visas and Immigration can force a person to leave the country if their asylum claim is unsuccessful, and may also detain them to do so, which is why it is crucial for you to contact your solicitor as soon as your claim has been rejected.

Charges of a Solicitor

Since those seeking asylum seldom have the financial resources to go through court proceedings, in which case you are likely to be entitled to free legal advice to help you with your asylum claim.

You must meet all the other eligibility requirements.

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