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Our expert UK immigration lawyers in Harrow, London can assist applicants apply for an EEA Permanent Residence if they want to reside in the UK permanently. Self-sufficient individuals and students cannot apply for an EEA Permanent Residence if they are either dependent on their relative to provide their income or they are financially responsible for other relatives living in the United Kingdom. 

People who have resided in the United Kingdom for an uninterrupted duration of five as a qualified person can apply for an EEA Permanent Residence.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants applying for an EEA Permanent Residence must meet the following requirements:

  • They have resided with their European Economic Area relative in the United Kingdom for an uninterrupted duration of five years
  • Their European Economic Area relative living in the United Kingdom is recognised as a qualified person during the five years they have resided in the country or they hold a Permanent Right of Residence

Applicants are qualified to apply for an EEA Permanent Residence if they have resided in the United Kingdom for an uninterrupted duration of five years if:

  • They are the extended relative of an European Economic Area citizen and they hold a valid European Economic Area residence card or family permit for an uninterrupted duration of five years
  • They first came to the UK as a relative of an European Economic Area and later applied for and received a Retained Right of Residence to reside in the United Kingdom
  • They first came to the UK as the family member of a British national, but only if they arrived to the United Kingdom under the Surinder Singh case

Applicants can hold an EEA Permanent Residence before their five years pass if the fall under one of the following categories:

  • They were residing with an EEA citizen relative who was working or self-employed in the country, immediately before they passed away
  • Their EEA citizen relative was working or was self-employed in the country, but has stopped working since or they have retried or suffered an injury preventing them from continuing work or because they are working or are self-employed in another European Economic Area, but they still remain a resident of the UK, visiting the country at least once a week

Biometric Details

Applicants will be required to provide their biometric details with their application form. They will need to turn in the following biometric details with their application:

  • A digital picture of their face
  • Place their fingers on a glass screen to get them scanned
  • Provide their signature

The biometric process takes fewer than five minutes and does not involve any contact with ink, as everything is digitalised.

Requirements for Children

Children who are under 16 need to travel to the United Kingdom with a parent, caregiver, or an individual who is over 18 and has legal responsibility over the child. If the responsible adult in charge of bringing the child to the United Kingdom is not a caregiver or a parent, their names must be mentioned on the application form.

Children who are under 6 do not need to provide their biometric details, except for a digital picture of their face. For applicants with a physical or medical condition that has caused them to lose their hands or fingers, they will only need a digital picture of their face taken. Their application form or record will note down the reason they were not able to provide their biometric details.

If the applicant or any of their dependents require special arrangements to provide their biometric details, a letter from a doctor must be submitted with the application form. The letter needs to include details of their medical or physical condition and the type of special arrangements that need to be made.

Benefits of Obtaining an EEA Permanent Residence

Even though EEA citizens do not require a Permanent Residence to reside and work in the United Kingdom. However, the two major benefits provided by a Permanent Residence Card include the right to work and reside in the United Kingdom permanently.

People require EEA Permanent Residence to obtain British citizenship. To apply for British citizenship, they need to hold an EEA Permanent Residence for a year or twelve months, unless their spouse is a British citizen.

Need a legal advice?

UK immigration law is extremely complex and constantly changes. The UKVI has strict criteria relating to different types of visa. Therefore, it is essential you get the right legal advice from an expert UK immigration lawyer to make sure your application is successful, first time. We will guide you through every step of the process, putting you in the best place possible to get a good result.

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We offer a fixed price service, this means the price you are quoted does not change; We work on fixed fees basis unlike other firms who charge you for each and every call and letter.

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You will have direct access to our qualified lawyers, with in-depth knowledge of UK Immigration law. Upon instructing us you will be allocated an experienced lawyer who will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your case.

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Immigration laws in the UK change frequently. Our team of lawyers are trained and are kept up to date on all the latest developments. We have a combined wealth of knowledge and experience. Our expert immigration lawyers can provide advice and the best possible option available for you.

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We are proud to claim that through our wealth of knowledge and experience we are able achieve the results that are needed. Our expert Lawyers put their full efforts in your case as we strongly believe in getting for you what you want.

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